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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Duplicated log when using upstart>=1.4 can break systems

Hi Mikkel,

> I'm also still a bit puzzled about the current --daemon option. It forks
> but doesn't detach stdout/err from the console so if "log_dest
> stderr/stdout" is specified the console where invocation happened
> receives log output. That seems a bit broken. The following howto
> recommends things to do on daemonization including detaching and some
> other details;
> I would suggest that when spawned from upstart in the function as a
> daemon (maybe even using --daemon?) mosquitto should detach stdout/err
> and leave logging to only what is mandated by configuration. Or at least
> only output messages critical to the operation of the daemon on
> stdout/err.

If you hop over to the original mercurial repository and check the
logs, you'll see that the daemonisation code hasn't been touched since
around 2010, so I'm not exactly surprised that it's not quite right. I
haven't personally used daemonisation in ages, what with upstart
working best without it.

I'll add it to the list for 1.5:

> Also when fooled by multiple files in "include_dir" I noticed the
> include order of files seemed reverse of alphabetical order of filename
> (w before l).


> Shouldn't include order be consistent, across file-systems as well as
> platforms?

Yes, agreed. Another thing on the list :)



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