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[modeling-pmc] feedback on GMT web site

My 2 or 3 cents:

1. Logos are cool. Modeling has 3 right now (plus the GMT ones). Modeling, Modeling-EMF, Modeling-GMF. They follow the Eclipse colours and IMHO work well with the site.

2. Logos are distracting. Having ONE logo on the EMF site or the GMF site works. Having 11 logos on the GMT site (two of which are either placeholders or repeats, I'm not sure which), is not cool. If I was to redesign the GMT site, I'd

a) open a logo contest bug for a new GMT logo, and use the result on the main GMT page
b) put the individual logos on subpages, not on the main page

3. I'd also reuse the existing infrastructure available in /cvsroot/org.eclipse/modeling/ so that the subpages are more easily constructed and maintained.

4. Regarding oAW branding ... perhaps that should live externally to Eclipse, as EasyEclipse and MyEclipse live outside Eclipse on their own sites. Or on the projects page, under 3rd party distros:

5. Re: the question Ian asked about how many projects are in Modeling, there's 8, listed on the page. Luckily for me, there's an easy mnemonic for remembering them:

They exist in pairs: 2xE, 2xG, 4xM (2xMD, 2xM2):

M2M, M2T.

Notice also that each pair contains a project ending in "T". If you can remember "Eclipse, Gronback, Merks, Modeling" (EGM^2), then you've got the whole set. ;-)


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