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Re: [modeling-pmc] feedback on GMT web site


Folks can advertise themselves on the contributors page and in their blogs.
Harnessing the things folks do in their own self interest in a way that is
also in the community's interest is key to making open source work, so I
agree with your concern.   I think we're all doing a pretty good job of
ensuring that self interest is not conflicting with the community's
interests so let's just clean up a few of the stray pointers and not worry
about going overboard...

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> I'm not sure how we can define an air-tight policy.
> Help from the foundation for an Eclipse-wide policy would be appreciated
> (at the risk of cries about so many rules from the masses)...

I think we really have to be careful here.

Many of the contributors are not completely altruistic.
I, for one, have to be able make money somehow from my
Open Source work. So I want some way of referencing me
(which is not a company, it's just me).

I expect that's also true for (small) companies who
contribute to Eclipse. We should be sure not to remove
their motivation to contribute.



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