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RE: [modeling-pmc] feedback on GMT web site

Title: Re: [modeling-pmc] feedback on GMT web site



I really think the PMC needs to take the lead here.  You guys have to decide how you want the modeling project and sub-projects to be perceived in the Eclipse community.   I am just offering my opinion on what I perceive and some suggestions on how to fix it.  You guys need to determine what is best for the success of your project.


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Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 2:33 PM
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Subject: Re: [modeling-pmc] feedback on GMT web site


Yes, it provides marketing value to the contributing organization.  Eclipse should remain neutral with respect to all its contributors, commerical or not.  That said, it’s not the Modeling PMC’s place to decide on this matter, so I’ll defer to Ian and/or Bjorn to tell us the official word.

I’d just add this final bit... Are there commercial supporters of academic research that results in contribution to Eclipse?  In the case of openArchitectureWare, are there individuals associated with this organization that profit from their involvement?  It’s a sticky area that I would rather avoid altogether by removing all links to external contributing organizations.


On 10/19/07 1:49 PM, "Jean Bezivin" <Jean.Bezivin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



Until such time there is a policy for advertising external entities (commercial, academic, or otherwise) on the <>  website, I agree that all references should be removed.  As Ed mentioned, you won't find links to IBM or Borland on the EMF or GMF sites.


Do you consider commercial advertisement on the same foot than academic marking.
I would be interested by an official confirmation of this.
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