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[microprofile-wg] MicroProfile Working Group Budget Spend 2021

All working group funding is intended to be spent within the fiscal year. Similarly, all working group budgets are intended to be spent within the year that fees are applicable in support of that year's approved working group program plan.  

It is tight but there is still a runway to leverage the discretionary funding for 2021 for the MicroProfile Working Group budget to support the initiatives and objectives of the working group’s program plan. We owe it to the members and community at large to not miss the opportunity; and in fact, we all have a requirement to make this a priority and execute.

The call on Monday with the MicroProfile Marketing Team was extremely productive and we look forward to moving ahead to implement the highest priority items that can be delivered in 2021.

Thank you Emily for running an extremely effective meeting!  We look forward to next week's meeting.

Best Regards,

Sharon Corbett
Program Director, Working Group Operations
Eclipse Foundation

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