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Re: [microprofile-wg] [microprofile] Re: [Oct 4th- MPWG Trademark call] Not necessary

Dias everyone, 

When the marketing budget was created, it focused on supporting and acknowledging the support from the Global Java communities that adopt the MP technology. 

To enable today's discussion, I welcome everyone attending to please review and contribute to the Swag Planning - Brainstorming.  It matches the discussions we had with much care when creating the budget earlier this year. 
The document is public and welcomes feedback via edits (Comments ) or direct edits directly in the document.  The document is my virtual contribution to today's discussion 💛

It is really easy to locate the most active communities  (JUGs which include most active individual MicroProfilers) who are openly and constantly supporting the MP technologies via many diverse actions.  
It is also really easy to spend the $25K available under the 2021 Swag based on the listed communities in the spreadsheet. Most countries have an average of at least 2+ active JUGs that love MP. 💪

Clarification about money expenditures within the EF accounting year
A working group under the EF doesn't need to spend its yearly budget in its totality.  The Jakarta EE project has carried budget as a Surplus to the new year, that action is smart and many times necessary. 

To the EMO, 
If any accounting changes have occurred that have not been publicly announced to the EF communities with respect to money expenditures, please share with us that the document + date of change, etc that explains and dictates all Working Groups to must utilize all its monies during the EF accounting year. Thank you! 

As stated before via the community calls & in writing, MP is not ready to rush to that expenditure.  We can and ought to plan to have everything ready yet avoid careless rush.  FYI: we need the Compatible logo to re-design MP swag and start print and redistribution +.  

Cheers with tea everyone, 

On Mon, Oct 4, 2021 at 1:59 AM 'Emily Jiang' via MicroProfile <microprofile@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
+1 John!
Since we need to sort out this urgently, I have restored the MP marketing calendar entry for today's marketing call. I'll be on the call and help with the call if needed.

On Sunday, October 3, 2021 at 2:44:56 AM UTC+1 John Clingan wrote:
Amelia, we need to brainstorm on how to spend the remainder of the marketing budget over the remaining quarter. I think this is a good idea since the money needs to be spent. I recommend having the call.

Technically we need to spend the entire budget, but since it is the marketing call, we should spend time on the marketing budget. It could be SWAG, SEO, etc. We just need to plan it out and get it done.

On Friday, October 1, 2021 at 1:35:36 PM UTC-7 Paul Buck wrote:

Hi Amelia,

I think you could be confusing two threads one is my response to your proposal to cancel the Monday Marketing Team call, my request is for the call to go ahead so we can work on prioritising and planning to implement Program Plan items in 2021. We need to leverage the budget to deliver on those items. 

The other is Sharon's guidance to the Steering Committee to let them know that the Program Plan and Budget process is getting underway for 2022. Your email to the community will no doubt gather helpful input! I also totally agree that the 2021 Program Plan is a good place to start from when planning for 2022. 

Thanks ... Paul

PS. My emails to the marketing list bounce so I dropped it from the dist.

On Fri, Oct 1, 2021 at 3:05 PM Amelia Eiras <aei...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Adding the MP Community forum given the topic. 

Thank you, Paul and Sharon, for delivering the deadlines to help the MicroProfile community start its preparations for 2022. 

The deadlines provided by Sharon this AM via the Steering cmtee private list are:

Program Plan Development 

  • Solicit Input/Ideas from Working Group membership (Early October)

  • Draft Program Plan Created (Mid October)

  • Candidate Program Plan Approved by Steering Committee (Due November 5, 2021)

Vision on whats to come next based on the 2021 braiding & shaping of MPWG collaboration:
The 2022 project plan will be created in the open with the help of any willing MicroProfiler, as done with the 2021 project plan. 
The budget, after November 5th (Final Budget reviewed and approved by Steering Committee (Due November 19, 2021),  will be created in the open based on what is chosen as the project plan. 


So, beautiful MicroProfile Community lets own the MPWG Charter on a notch shelf and improve using the lessons learned what became past with the planning & execution of the 2021(3 months to go) project plan and budget! 

---Wishing everyone a great wknd ahead,  

On Fri, Oct 1, 2021 at 8:26 AM 'Emily Jiang' via MicroProfile Marketing <microprofil...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am not sure why the message from Paul does not appear in this mailinglist. Hopefully it is not just me. Let me repost Paul's message regarding requesting for Monday's call.
Dear MircroProfile Marketing Team,

I kindly request that the call on Monday stay on the calendar so we can work together on prioritizing and a plan to implement the marketing initiatives in the MicroProfile Program Plan supported by the 2021 budget. Clark Roundy from the Eclipse Foundation marketing team will join the call. 

Thanks ... Paul
I am happy to volunteer to run this call if we have not got a facilitator as yet.
On Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 10:24:42 PM UTC+1 aeiras wrote:
To facilitate the choosing of the MPWG Compatible logo 2 tasks are being tackled via 2 git issues:  
  1. The MPWG SurveyMonkey is being set up with the help of the WebMaster Team via git issue: [Infra- SurveyMonkey] Logistics #568 with Edwin and Ryan as the 2 initial Admins. :) 
  2. [Documentation using SurveyMonkey] Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) #581
The MP community cannot proceed with the call to vote on the 5 compatible logo choices until the MP SurveyMonkey account's Admins are set up.   + the DPIA is needed to make sure that all pieces are in place. 

In parallel, the MicroProfile community is prioritizing via written and oral discussions the Compatibility Membership Requirments: 
  1. awaiting Paul's reply (emo) to the question about yearly Enforcement costs asked on the Sept 17th email by me. 
  2. More community feedback before the Steering Cmtee vote is possible is necessary.
Thank you for joining the discussions via the git tickets, calls, &/or emails! 

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