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[] Problem with architecture configuration

Good day all,

I’m having some problem with an architecture configuration for a customer (“ABC”) model.

The goal is to control the diagram palette based on type of user.

We started with a SysML configuration from which some elements were removed - that worked fine.

I added the Class diagram to this setup (based on customer requirements). However, this is where I started to get the following errors:

	Problems encountered in file:
And, when trying to run the result of a build, I get (please be lenient on typos...I could not copy from the dialog...):

	IllegalValueExpression: Value '" is not legal. (platform:/resource/,3, 323)

However, that file does exist as:

and does not show any error.

Would you have any suggestions s to what could be that file “not legal?

If it helps, I do have the architecture file before and after the change as well as the complete console output (which I can easily replicate).

And yes, I did update the architecture file from a runtime instance...

Does anyone have any hints as to where to look to find the problem?

Thank you!


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