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Re: [] Problem with architecture configuration

Hi Charles,

- Can you please indicate which version of Papyrus are you using? is it Oxygen or Photon?

- Is your new architecture context an Architecture Description Language or an Architecture Viewpoint? I assume the former since you seem to be creating new diagram types.

- When you added a Class diagram to your architecture context, did you copy of the one in UML or did you create one that extends it (sets it as a parent)?

- Your command class seems to be internal "". Do you export that package in the manifest? Also, notice that the class must be on the class path of the bundle that provides the architecture model.

- You did not mention when do you get this error. Is it when you specify the architecture model, or when you create diagrams of this type? A stack trace would help.


On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 1:02 PM, <charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Good day all,

I’m having some problem with an architecture configuration for a customer (“ABC”) model.

The goal is to control the diagram palette based on type of user.

We started with a SysML configuration from which some elements were removed - that worked fine.

I added the Class diagram to this setup (based on customer requirements). However, this is where I started to get the following errors:

        Problems encountered in file:

And, when trying to run the result of a build, I get (please be lenient on typos...I could not copy from the dialog...):

        IllegalValueExpression: Value '" is not legal. (platform:/resource/,3, 323)

However, that file does exist as:

and does not show any error.

Would you have any suggestions s to what could be that file “not legal?

If it helps, I do have the architecture file before and after the change as well as the complete console output (which I can easily replicate).

And yes, I did update the architecture file from a runtime instance...

Does anyone have any hints as to where to look to find the problem?

Thank you!

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