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Re: [] Branding plugin was: No 4.2.0M1a required.


On 20/08/2013 12:41, Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:
Those about.mappings are not obsolete. If you go to Help -> About Eclipse -> Installation Details -> Features and you select "any" of our features, you can check the build id there. With every build the id changes, as you researched, and so the qualifier does.

There might be a half way house.

The Build-ID duplicates the plugin version above it, adding only I/N/R sometimes wrongly since "R" renaming isn't usually done here. So perhaps we can keep the about.* files but eliminate the substitutions so that no changes occur.

I'll do an experiment and review the text in all 5 plugins. I don't think this needs a +1.

Well done for having the builds in place for Kepler RC1 and Luna M1.
Buckminster was mostly kind to me. Hudson just required a number of builds to be retried a couple of times.

I think the artifacts.jar in the Update-core may need work, since it is built for everything in the workspace, which is now bigger. But the extra stuff seems to do no harm.



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