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[] Branding plugin was: No 4.2.0M1a required.

On 20/08/2013 12:16, Ed Willink wrote:
I've asked a question on cross-project-dev to see if about.mappings is
obsolete. Since org.eclipse.ocl.ecore has none, I can't see that it is
doing very much good.
Hi Ed,

As commented during the weekend, that is information for the features branding plugin. Expanding...

The branding plugin is used by our features. When no branding plugin is set in a feature (see feature editor). A default branding plugin with the same id of the feature is used.

We have org.eclipse.ocl and org.eclipse.ocl.uml features, however, we don't have org.eclipse.ocl.ecore feature, that's the reason why those about.mappings (among other files related to branding) are not present in the org.eclipse.ocl.ecore plugin.

Those about.mappings are not obsolete. If you go to Help -> About Eclipse -> Installation Details -> Features and you select "any" of our features, you can check the build id there. With every build the id changes, as you researched, and so the qualifier does.

Another point, is that if we want/is worthwhile to have
1. our qualifier segment be incremented by that slight change, which I think it's correct (I had some discussion with buckminster team years ago about that issue).
2. we want that build-id in the features description.

When I said "any", I've checked that the most recent feature, doesn't have the branding information. I'm not if I raised that bugzilla time ago. I'll verify that.

Well done for having the builds in place for Kepler RC1 and Luna M1.


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