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[] No 4.2.0M1a required.


I've been trying to see whether the changes in Job 857 merit a 4.2.0M1a.

(Since Xtext M1 was built a week early, there really should be no need.)

The plugin changes are:


changed because we auto-generate content


changed because we auto-generate ZIP files

None of the IA or XText examples plugins changed so no significant upstream dependency changed but

org.eclipse.ocl and org.eclipse.ocl.uml changed.

Upon investigation this is because about.mappings gets auto-updated with the build-id.

I've asked a question on cross-project-dev to see if about.mappings is obsolete. Since org.eclipse.ocl.ecore has none, I can't see that it is doing very much good.

Anyway I think we can skip the 'a' build this time. I'll delete the Hudson build to stop a confusing promotion.


        Ed Willink


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