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My plan was to have the pivot and editor ready for promotion at M4 so that other committers could provide their review comments in time for M6. Well that just isn't going to happen. I haven't managed to do as much OMG work in work time as I planned and so I'm now doing OMG work in my own time.

The availability of direct OCL to Java generation means that Eclipse OCL needs accurate UML OCL for the structural model to merge with accurate OCL OCL for the OCL AST. The need for accurate UML OCL seems very timely given that UML2.5 is just about ready to try to get its OCL accurate. With Kenn's exatr support for UML 2.4, I've therefore improved the Complete OCL tooling so that the UML 2.5 XMI can be loaded and edited. I'll be presenting this to the OMG meeting in Santa Clara in two weeks. The new tooling now allows me to produce useful constraints for the pivot; which I hope to push to master just after M4.

Anyway if the code isn't ready to review by M4, I'm sure there is even less chance for other committers to review by M6, so the examples promotion must slip to M1. This should give the 'full' release cycle for review and to incorporate feedback from Obeo, who I hope will start to exploit code generation in Acceleo.


        Ed Willink

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