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Re: [] 'archive' branches


After reading the long thread, I've concluced that I have to remove the finished branches.

For the local branch was easy:

- Right Click on the local bug/318090 -> Delete Branch :)

For the remote tracking repository, I was trying the following:

- Right click on the repository (Git Repositories View) -> Push... -> Next
- Add delete ref specification -> Select bug/318090 in the combo box -> Add spec
- Finish

Well, I get an exception (NPE) and nothing happens. How are you dealing with the remote tracking removal ?

BTW, the wiki is not updated WRT the archived branches.

El 31/08/2011 6:04, Ed Willink escribió:

I was trying to say that after I deleted the archive/348504 branch on the server, the branch was also gone for my local repository and hence I couldn't easily tell where the respective commits and the merge point were.
Before updating one of my local repos, I created a bug/348504 tag and pushed it upstream. Feel free to delete it if you don't like it.
Between the lines I was trying to say that I still find this branch deletion more of an obstacle than a help. I'll try to be more explicit the next time ;-)
No problem; long emails are boring and get skim read. Short emails are ambiguous.


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