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[] OCL Branches tests jobs

Hello Team,

I think I've fixed the branch tests job. It's currently failing because some kind of compiling error in a xtext-based generated code. May be a recent Xtext change. I'm running a tools build to verify that.

Since I don't have a proper environment to deal with Xtext, I'll wait until Ed fixes this (in case that the same failure occurs in the tools tests job)

On the other hand the releng tests infrastructure has suffered some changes. The important things to know are the following:

- Apart from compiling all the source code and running JUnit tests, now it will create the same zips that are  created in the tools build. This gives a chance to check the result of a branch by downloading the artifacts from the hudson job, as Ed claimed.
- There is no signing neither any promotion process.
- There has been some changes (renaming and creation) in the files used by the tests job, so any current existing branch which you want to test via the branch tests job needs to get merged with the current master before running the job with such a  Obviously, the new branches created from the master will have the correct files.

Now, I'll have a look to the maintenance job

Best Regards,
Open Canarias, S.L.
Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera
C/Elías Ramos González, 4, ofc. 304
Tel.: +34 922 240231

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