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[] Bugzillas, Project Plan and New and Noteworthy


With the codegen committed, I am just starting a total Bugzilla review for

general awareness and consistency
Project Plan
New and Noteworthy SR1, M1, M2, M3

I've noticed that I did not understand the recommended usage of "Target Milestone" and so used it as a future prediction. suggests that they should be the milestone at which the target was achieved i.e. 4.0M3 which makes no sense since different plugins have different versions. I propose that the Target Milestone be just Mx or RCy or SRz or ---, since for planning there is no release ambiguity.

Axel: I will annotate all Bugzillas that apply solely to the Ecore or UML bindings as Legacy in the Whiteboard and probably also as juno- (deferred).

Adolfo: I'll send you a list of releng Bugzillas that I think are RESOLVED FIXED.


                Ed Willink

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