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Re: [] GIT Practice

Hi Axel

Let me know which commits you'd like to have as which branches and I
can issue the necessary git commands.
That doesn't make sense to me. Commits have already happened in
appropriate branches so I don't understand how they would sensibly be

The current list of tags/branches is this:

193979f9003c0553d0b3e6ed94ef54dac7a5c551        refs/heads/Europa
5a9fe6ef71a627d6cd9ffd0eba21b0ed346770cb refs/heads/MDT_OCL_3_0_0_ReflectiveLibrary 7f960a8d55ad9b144164a975376a4935cee7a2ec refs/heads/MDT_OCL_3_0_0_Releng_Experimental 275667fc1dd6d528286f87f34245453d9a0f28b5 refs/heads/OCL_2_0_support 1be87282378bf44ae5aa510f892c8459b00d2a89 refs/heads/OCL_2_1_on_LPGv2_Experimental
I suggest adding a cvs/ prefix to each of the old CVS branches, which are, I think, each of the above.
9a143d9c24a1da3845e5dcc946462e1c1b95c6e2 refs/heads/R1_0_maintenance ec5d0adc8fb8acb49da069b3d64b669e91150d5c refs/heads/R1_1_maintenance 4fadd6b4c3dbf6f51d0f4a72c8ec3e899da6fc70 refs/heads/R1_2_maintenance 5109b7e37f5611e170c4eaa4dd202e009e5e897c refs/heads/R3_0_maintenance
and changing *_maintenance to maintenance/* for the above


Now that you've got ssh working perhaps you can answer my queries. Why do you need two keys?
Why should I use your keys? ...



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