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Re: [] GIT Practice

On 13/06/2011 08:49, Axel Uhl wrote:
Hi Ed,

Branch names

Axel has used bugs/nnnn. I've used bug/nnn. We need to standardize. I
thought one of the GIT tutorials had a recommendation but can't find it.

interestingly, I can't find it anymore either. I have no specific preference. We can rename as you suggest. I'll rename my branches to bug/nnn, push and delete the old branch tags if the Eclipse git policies allow me to do so.
I'm not arguing either way. "bug" is shorter, but we have "plugins", "features", "examples", "tests" so "bugs" makes sense.

Presumably the branches get renamed/deleted after push otherwise the
remote tracking will become unmanageable.

Hopefully not after push. We may discuss whether to delete after merging into master. By and large I wouldn't have an issue with them remaining in the repository for later reference. You may untrack individual branches.
I'm not up to speed on terminology. I saw Xtext bugs with 'pushed to master" that seemed to be the last word.

In principle, nothing should be removed from the repository, but it might be helpful to rename bugs/nnnn as merged/bugs/nnnn once it is dead.

Should we rename historic branches to have hierarchy: e.g. maintenance/3.0?

Feel free :-)
I don't feel familiar enough with the technology to take such actions. I'm just raising queries as to what might be a good idea. If this works and merged/bugs is a good idea, then we want to establish a short list of preferred branch paths. Surely we're not leading the way here?

Bugzilla status

I think anyone can commit to a bug branch at any time. Eventually the
bug branch is submitted for review as a result of which +1's authorize
push to master and consequently RESOLVED. cf

You mean "merge" into master. Pushing we hopefully do continuously to show progress on the bug to the team and other interested parties.
Yes. where my +1 seems
to have been interpreted as commit to bug branch which then got a
RESOLVED without a push to master.

No. 59edf48860a743ad7a21569e4d2d203b5f98b9bb was the commit on the branch. After your +1 I "merged" into master, but that was a fast-forward since no other changes had happened on master in between. So git just moves the master tag to the bug(s)/348504 branch's tip.
Hm. More study needed.

SSH keys

Axel: I'm waiting for clarification on what keys you want me to put where.

I sent you two .pub keys. Not sure if as the project lead you have access to my .ssh/authorized_keys directory on the git server. I don't. This currently means I have to enter my password over and over again. The bug links I sent document the problem.

I didn't fully understand the links because the cwd was unclear. Comments referred to the committer_id but access should surely be for the repository_id and how can I change your home directory and why do you need two keys??

Perhaps I should just try to make it work for me, then I might understand better how to make it work for you (and Adolfo).


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