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Re: [] GIT Practice

Hi Axel

My comments are based on instinct/intuition, which is not always appropriate for a new tool. As the lead on the migration activities, I look to you for advice.

On 13/06/2011 09:16, Axel Uhl wrote:
I'm not arguing either way. "bug" is shorter, but we have "plugins",
"features", "examples", "tests" so "bugs" makes sense.

Argh. Maybe I jumped the gun. As you saw in my last mail, I already moved to bug/nnn. Can you confirm once more that you'd like "bugs" and let me know what you'd like me to do? I can also move your branches to bugs/nnn. Just let me know.
I would like at least a standard practice for our project, and it would be good if that was similar to other projects.

In principle, nothing should be removed from the repository, but it
might be helpful to rename bugs/nnnn as merged/bugs/nnnn once it is dead.

Causes a bit of a hassle when merging. It would mean that after pushing to bugs/nnn and then "git checkout master" and "git merge bugs/nnn" one would have to do a "git branch -m bugs/nnn merged/bugs/nnn" followed by a "git push origin merged/bugs/nnn:merged/bugs/nnn" and "git push origin :bugs/nnn" to delete the old branch. I'm not sure why that would be worth the effort. The bugzilla tells us which branches are open and which ones aren't. GIT tells us which ones are already merged and which ones arent.

Ok. Bad idea, I need to learn how GIT presents things.
Should we rename historic branches to have hierarchy: e.g.

Feel free :-)
I don't feel familiar enough with the technology to take such actions.
I'm just raising queries as to what might be a good idea. If this works
and merged/bugs is a good idea, then we want to establish a short list
of preferred branch paths. Surely we're not leading the way here?

Let me know which commits you'd like to have as which branches and I can issue the necessary git commands.
That doesn't make sense to me. Commits have already happened in appropriate branches so I don't understand how they would sensibly be moved.

My bug/304642 is trivial. Maybe I can try to merge it and then things will be clearer to me.



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