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Re: [m2e-users] Advice: Where to hook running my mojo into m2eclipse

It does need more publicity. I’ve been walking through some features that have been produced over the years that are highly useful and not very well known. I actually chatted with Igor about one yesterday.

Barrie, I don’t think you’ve wasted your time as trying to get things working on the command line and in M2Eclipse is always a challenge. But are you primarily wanting to have this be an IDE feature? There’s a bunch of code in M2Eclipse and I have a small plugin that takes a list of projects and materializes them in the workspace. It’s my own hack that I have used for years to setup my workspaces easily. Think of it as a very unsophisticated version of Oomph. I borrowed bits and pieces from the Sonatype onboarding code from many years ago. I’m happy to give you access if you want to take a look, but it is a massive hack which is why it’s not public. I think Igor has some code lying around too that does almost exactly what you want :-)

I really encourage you to jump in IRC as I much prefer chatting there then over mailing lists. And I will honestly forget this conversation in 48 hours if you don’t remind me :-)

> On Sep 11, 2015, at 3:25 AM, Barrie Treloar <baerrach@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 11 September 2015 at 15:37, Anton Tanasenko <atg.sleepless@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> Select any number of entries under Maven Dependencies node in Project/Package Explorer, right click - Maven - Import projects from scm.
> It requires corresponding maven scm connectors to be installed (m2eclipse-egit for git projects) and it basically checks selected dependencies out and shows you the usual maven project import dialog with checked out projects already filled in.
> It doesn't update any poms though.
> From the two options:
> * Materialize Maven Binary Project seems to setup a Project from the binary's pom, I can't work out how to promote that to a source.
> * Import Proejct(s) from SCM gives me the Import Maven Projects wizard with the selected artifact, and clicking on Finish then brings up the Import Maven Projects wizard - which I can't complete because the project hasn't been checked out.
> But I'll have a look at what the source is doing.
> I could have saved two weeks hacking this as a Mojo if I'd known it was already in M2Eclipse.
> It needs more publicity.
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