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[m2e-users] Advice: Where to hook running my mojo into m2eclipse

Now that I've got the basisc of the git magic plugin sorted I'd like to hook that into m2eclipse.

So I'm after suggestions on where you think the logical place for that would be.

I'd like to see a context menu on the Dependencies page.
(There is currently no context menu provided by m2eclipse on this page, there is one on the Dependency Hierarchy page for things like "Lock Transititve Dependency Version..." and "Exclude Maven Artiact...")

In the pom.xml raw editor page, some way to invoke it as well.
Quick fix, right click > Maven > ...., Ctrl+space templates?
Quick fix feels wrong as there is nothing to fix.
Ctrl+space templates also feels wrong as this is to insert a change rather than modify the existing file.
This only leaves right click context menu > Maven, which does hide the functionality a bit.

After the plugin completes, I need to import the new workspace and then refresh the current workspace making sure the classpath has been updated.

Does anyone have any advice?