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[m2e-users] m2e oddities

I've noticed a few oddities in how m2e handles Maven projects, that don't appear when `mvn` is run directly in a terminal.

The m2e -> Run -> mvn test menu item skips any user-defined generate-sources phase in the pom, requiring that it be done manually.

The m2e -> Run menu does not include `mvn compile` by default. This is one of the most used Maven phases, comparable to `mvn test`.

The m2e -> Run mvn ... menu is hidden when the pom editor tab is not selected. In a TDD workflow, where a Java coder wants to tweak .java code and run `mvn test`, repeat, this really gets in the way. It would be nice if selecting a tab of any child file in a Maven project enabled the m2e Run menu based on the nearest pom.xml up the directory tree.


Andrew Pennebaker

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