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Re: [m2e-users] Compatibility between indigo m2e and juno m2e

Yeah, well, sorry to be a bit unconstructive as well, but I am working for the kind of client that doesn't allow us to customize the IDE configuration at our leisure.
Additionally, I need to be sure the smallest possible number of our numerous devs will be adventurous in terms of configuration (additional builders, additional nature, custom classpaths, etc.), so the least expensive and unobtrusive way we came up with is to check in svn "too many" of these things. (I am even, OMG, trying to enforce a unified preference setup)

Please don't be "mac'ish" in not answering my questions and instead advicing me to do my job the "right" way, I was'nt asking for advice on doing things better, but rather if it was possible to configure eclipse or m2e to be sure it would not complain for some time.

And yes, I had a bad day ... so far ... :)

On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 2:04 PM, Rex Hoffman <rex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The correct answer used throughout time immemorial is to _not check in any project configuration files_ ever.  at all.

nothing made by eclipse or idea, or m2e is source.  hence it should not be checked in to source control.

Just made sure no one at my work does it....  lotsa ignore files.

If you dont check in those files all is well.  Switch back and forth if/when you need to, if that takes too long for you, have two check-outs in different dirs, which will work just fine, since you haven't checked in your eclipse project configuration files.

On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 2:26 AM, Jean Couillaud <carm@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

First, I'm sorry if this has already been discussed:
I am trying to migrate from indigo to Juno. To do that, I have to validate Juno against our different projects. Among others, we have a 200 projects, 2M Locs application in dev that I would like to work on with juno although the rest of the team still uses indigo.
When I tried to open some of the projects with Juno, m2e complained and ordered me to update the project conf. I did it and went back to indigo only to see that indigo complained the same and probably reverted juno's changes.
Is there a way to have part of the team use Juno and the other Indigo without m2e complaining ?

Thx in advance;

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