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Re: [m2e-users] How to tell m2e to update a particular folder (or at least: "target" folder) after <pluginExecution>?

On 12/07/2012 08:48, Markus Karg wrote:
Why do you think that the complete workspace will be refreshed? I explicitly suggested (and am practicing) to refresh one single folder (what DOES NOT imply any harmful side effects for days no, working on multiple machines in different Eclipse releases). Why should refreshing one single target folder trigger a refresh of the entire workspace? Your horror scenario will happen only if unchanged folders will get refreshed (what I did not propose) or either Eclipse or the plugin executions touch unchanged files (what in my case does not happen, as the XML plugin does not do anything unless the source is changed).

I understand your theory, but it simply does not happen -- at least on our PCs in the past days.
As far as I (intuitively) understands it, there is quite a difference between inserting a refresh step in a build process and manually requesting a refresh after the build is done.

The build process, in eclipse or maven, is complex. Refreshing an output file can trigger other actions. For instance, if your dynamic folder contains java source (as it is my case), it might trigger a build.

When you process that yourself, you know that it is ok for your case. And that you can safely just "refresh".

You refresh only *once* and *after* the build is finished. You will not constantly refresh, after each build, but just when you need it. That can be something difficult to explain to a computer.

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