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[linuxtools-dev] Re: Java D-Bus OSGi


Sorry for taking so long to respond.  More information inline below.

* Matthew Johnson <dbus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2009-04-06 11:14]:
> On Mon Apr 06 10:18, Andrew Overholt wrote:
> > As an project, in order for us to make use of Java D-Bus it
> > has to be a part of the Eclipse Orbit project.  Orbit is basically just
> > a collection of "OSGi-ified" JARs that have been cleared be Eclipse
> > legal for use by projects.  In an ideal world the upstream
> > project -- you, in this case -- would ship with OSGi metadata itself so
> > Orbit wouldn't have to create potentially incorrect OSGi information.
> > Have you ever considered adding OSGi metadata to your MANIFEST.MF
> > file(s)? 
> Actually, you're not the the only person to have emailed me about this.
> Assuming it's just adding manifest entries then sure, that can certainly
> be done, particularly if it'll help other people. You'll have to give me
> the details though, I've not used it before.

Here's a bit of information:

Basically it's a matter of deciding which packages are visible and which
aren't and doing proper versioning, etc.

> > (Of course, as an project we will still need to
> > get Java D-Bus cleared by legal but that's technically irrelevant :)
> Please tell me if you have any issues, I may well be happy to change the
> licence a bit assuming it's a reasonable request.

Thanks, I will let you know.


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