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[linuxtools-dev] Eclipse Linux Tools 0.2 Released

The Eclipse Linux Tools team is pleased to announce our 0.2.0 release.
It is available now via our update site [1] or via zip from our
downloads page [2].

67 bugs [3] were closed as part of this release including bug fixes and
new features.  A list of new and noteworthy items included in this
release can be seen here:

Thanks to our community contributors:  Ed Swartz, Pedro Saraiva, Uwe
Stieber, Jens Seidel, Ben Konrath, Mikael Steen Springer, Axel Mueller,
and Nick Boldt.

We look forward to feedback [4] on this release.

Thank you,

The Linux Tools 0.2 Team
- Elliott Baron
- Jeff Johnston
- Alex Kurtakov
- Phil Muldoon
- Andrew Overholt
- Kent Sebastian


Using the update site is the preferred method of installation.
Instructions can be found here:


Instructions can be found here:


IRC (Freenode #eclipse-linux)

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