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[linuxtools-dev] is this the right place?

Hi Linux tools folks,

while i am not new to Linux, i am new to the use of IDE's. I used visual studio on vista recently and see how it can more cleanly organize and maintain a project. my past development has been done using vim to build/edit .c & .h files directly.

i want to start a new project using c/c++ with fedora eclipse 3.4.1 (FC10 base).

in trying to find an appropriate user community, i find a dizzying array of choices.
this group looks like a good fit, but am i mis-reading?

If i ask a newbie question will i be flamed out of existence? :)
perhaps some kind soul will profile this groups charter so i dont become a burden?

tia for your replies, jackc...

  jack craig
        831-684-1375 (Office)
           831-596-6924 (cell)
              IM: jackcraigaptos (AIM)

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