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[linuxtools-dev] Java D-Bus OSGi

Hi Matthew,

We here at the Eclipse Linux Tools project [1] have some ideas for
integrating the Eclipse update manager with PackageKit.  We also plan to
improve our OProfile launching functionality by using ConsoleKit.  We'd
obviously like to use D-Bus for these things so your Java D-Bus
implementation is what we would use.

As an project, in order for us to make use of Java D-Bus it
has to be a part of the Eclipse Orbit project.  Orbit is basically just
a collection of "OSGi-ified" JARs that have been cleared be Eclipse
legal for use by projects.  In an ideal world the upstream
project -- you, in this case -- would ship with OSGi metadata itself so
Orbit wouldn't have to create potentially incorrect OSGi information.
Have you ever considered adding OSGi metadata to your MANIFEST.MF
file(s)?  (Of course, as an project we will still need to
get Java D-Bus cleared by legal but that's technically irrelevant :)

Please let us know your thoughts.

Take care,



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