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Re: [linuxtools-dev] [Fwd: [linux-distros-dev] System Tap merge]

Phil Muldoon wrote:
Anithra P Janakiraman wrote:

I also maintain an RCP version of this project in SourceForge. - and i would like the version in sourceforge to be consistent with this one. Phil, would you
be ok with contributing to that too?.

No problem at all. Did you see Andrew's comment on hosting it?

Maintaining both versions on would definitely solve a few problems, but im concerned that i will not be able to make releases whenever required. Are we allowed to schedule a minor/major release for a subproject independent of the linux tools project?. In general (RCP or otherwise), what is the procedure if i need to make some changes immdly, say
if an important patch needs to be applied to a subproject?.
Also , the only download mechanism i see in the wiki is through Update Manager. For the RCP version we would need to make the binary tarball available for download. Will that be a problem?.


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