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Apologies, this went to the old list, not the new. Please discuss here.


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Anithra (and other System Tap UI contributors),

So we have two projects on Eclipse Linux Tools that need to merge and become one project. This is good, we can collaborate instead of forging ahead on different paths. I thought I would kick-off this email to work out how we can collaborate, and how we can get started on what bits of which project combine.
My own personal views.

- I looked at the editor components and they seem pretty similar, except one has slightly more different/features than the other. I looked this weekend at extracting the features from the two editors to one but it seems to be messy, and a lot of work. I think this could be better spent elsewhere. What do you think of using the the System Tap editor that was released in 0.2 and (ie the one I wrote) to replace the editor in the System Tap GUI? It has code-folding (still under development), and a basis for extracting live coverage data.
- I don't see any other functional crossover, so I think the rest is fine.
- I'd like then to merge them into one namespace, and continue them on as "one project". I have no issue with names as long as they comply with the Eclipse standards. - I'd like to write out a set of concrete goals from 03 -> 1.0 for each (System Tap) plug-in, guided by overreaching goals for the whole feature. I have a lot of concrete goals and desires for the editor component. I'll hold fire until we can get all the plug-in goals fleshed out (and I don't want to overwhelm this plug-in, over all the others ;)

What do you think?


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