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Re: [linuxtools-dev] [Fwd: [linux-distros-dev] System Tap merge]

Hi Phil, Andrew,

* Phil Muldoon <pmuldoon@xxxxxxxxxx> [2009-04-27 16:22]:
- I'd like then to merge them into one namespace, and continue them on as "one project". I have no issue with names as long as they comply with the Eclipse standards.
I'm ok with replacing the systemtapgui editor with Phil's systemtap editor. If there is any functionality in the SystemTapGUI editor which is not available in the other one we can always add that bit. It would need a little bit of work though and a lot of testing, as we would have to see how the probe/function inserts etc.. work, but it should definitely be worth the effort in the long run esp as i dont have anything planned for the editor right
I also maintain an RCP version of this project in SourceForge. - and i would like the version in sourceforge to be consistent with this one. Phil, would you
be ok with contributing to that too?.
Anithra has asked that the sub-project retain the name "SystemTapGui".
I think this is fine but the code has been re-namespaced to
org.eclipse.linuxtools.systemtapgui.  I'd _sort of_ like to keep it
consistent with the other projects and have it be something like:


What does everyone think?

I would like to stick to the project name "SystemTapGui" only because the systemtap community is already familiar with this name. Code renaming/renamespacing is no problem.
- I'd like to write out a set of concrete goals from 03 -> 1.0 for each (System Tap) plug-in, guided by overreaching goals for the whole feature. I have a lot of concrete goals and desires for the editor component. I'll hold fire until we can get all the plug-in goals fleshed out (and I don't want to overwhelm this plug-in, over all the others ;)

This sounds great.  Please file bugs as you see fit.  I think we're
better off scheduling bugs -- with target milestone -- one release at a
time and leaving the rest set to "---".  Also, feel free to update
plan.xml in the "linuxtools" website CVS repository [1].
We do have a lot planned for the GUI. I'm currently working on a dashboard like feature, and there is other stuff lined up for the year. I will create bugs for the same.



One other thing to keep in mind is that the other tracing stuff will be
coming in the next little while.  I'd love to hear the thoughts of
Pierre-Marc, Francois, Marc, et al on how we can have a consistent user
experience with multiple backends.  At least for the common parts.

Looking forward to some good stuff,

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