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Re: [linuxtools-dev] [Fwd: [linux-distros-dev] System Tap merge]


* Phil Muldoon <pmuldoon@xxxxxxxxxx> [2009-04-27 16:22]:
> - I'd like then to merge them into one namespace, and continue them on  
> as "one project". I have no issue with names as long as they comply with  
> the Eclipse standards.

Anithra has asked that the sub-project retain the name "SystemTapGui".
I think this is fine but the code has been re-namespaced to
org.eclipse.linuxtools.systemtapgui.  I'd _sort of_ like to keep it
consistent with the other projects and have it be something like:


What does everyone think?

> - I'd like to write out a set of concrete goals from 03 -> 1.0 for each  
> (System Tap)  plug-in, guided by overreaching goals for the whole  
> feature. I have a lot of concrete goals and desires for the editor  
> component. I'll hold fire until we can get all the plug-in goals fleshed  
> out (and I don't want to overwhelm this plug-in, over all the others ;)

This sounds great.  Please file bugs as you see fit.  I think we're
better off scheduling bugs -- with target milestone -- one release at a
time and leaving the rest set to "---".  Also, feel free to update
plan.xml in the "linuxtools" website CVS repository [1].

One other thing to keep in mind is that the other tracing stuff will be
coming in the next little while.  I'd love to hear the thoughts of
Pierre-Marc, Francois, Marc, et al on how we can have a consistent user
experience with multiple backends.  At least for the common parts.

Looking forward to some good stuff,


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