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[jwt-dev] Re: AW: PVM & JWT - short telco tomorrow, meeting in August

Hi all

We'll be talking about making JWT et the Process Virtual Machine work together on the 9th of August in Grenoble, France.

In order to prepare this meeting, here are a few discussio topics. Feel free to give feedback and additional ones.

* what about integrating the PVM as a single engine (SPI) ? or share developments in the WAM around PVM impls ? * what about a PVM format targeted modeler ? Does it make sense or is it too low-level ? * what specific features does the PVM have that would be interesting to integrate in JWT, like debugging, monitoring, logging... ? * is it the PVM impls that do the transfo from a high-level BP language to the PVM format ? Would that make sense to do those transformations statically (for debug or syntax check) in JWT ?

* on a more use case-oriented point of view, what would help a user using both JWT and a PVM impl ? What are such scenarii ?

* would Tom Bayens' presence be useful or required at some point, to put forward the jBoss point of view ?

more information about the PVM :
   * in general, about the format, about the available impl
* especially, granularity and awareness of mapped applications, roles in the format

* Bull, jBoss ; what place for JWT (being known that today JWT is already a repository of generic plugins and such that may be released and linux-like "distributed" in one or other way, ex. SCOrWare or AgilPro) ? What would they need from JWT to become for them the same kind of place ? And the opposite ? * NB. it would need to be a common move from all parts. It would also need a common strategy and a common development plan covering all things that we want to do : "cutting the pie".
   * JWT
   * funding ?

   * goals
   * steps
   * planning

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

Valdes Faura Miguel a écrit :
Ok, so I will ask to the security guys whether we can allow you to get insight Bull offices :-) See you so on August 9th guys ! Miguel *BPM Manager* ** *Bull, Architect of an Open World TM
*1, rue de Provence
38130 Echirolles (France)

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