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[jwt-dev] JWT at Eclipse Summit Europe

Hi all

The JWT (Java Workflow Toolbox) Eclipse project will do a presentation at Eclipse Summit Europe (Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, Germany - 2007/10/07-11).

Florian Lautenbacher of the University of Augsburg and other project members will talk about existing features (modeler, simulator, application adapters) and current and planned developments, including BPMN modeler integration, XPDL and other format and engines support on top of the JWT generic devtime and runtime API.

About JWT :
The Java Workflow Toolbox is an Eclipse project aiming to provide a technology-independant business process tooling platform, in order to allow the developer to edit and test his business processes whatever the target business process grammar standard, the representation model used to edit the process, and the target business process engine. JWT's community hails from all over the world and gathers individuals and organisations with strong backgrounds in the field of Business Process Management tooling among them the University of Augsburg, Open Wide SA, Objectweb, eMundo Gmbh, the Eclipse STP Project, jBoss, Tibco, Shanghai JiaoTong University.
  Wiki :
Download : JWT / AgilPro 1.2 has been released and is for now available here :

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

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