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[jwt-dev] Re: Eclipse STP and Business Processes

Hi Oisin

We feel the same way here about collaboration between JWT and STP projects, including about sharing some parts or contributing or extending others in order not to do twice the same work on either side.

We'd be ok with a conference call between the middle and end of August.

Here we could describe the existing parts of JWT and the specifications of the others, while the other parts could do the same for theirs. A good thing would be to prepare all together the topics in advance by email, so it may also include for example technical questions that may make the discussion go forward.

We're looking forward to your answer.

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

Oisin Hurley a écrit :
Hi Marc,
Well, I have just come back from holidays myself! So sorry for *my* delay :)

Indeed, we've discussed it and we all agree there is room for such collaboration, since our goals are compatible : at JWT, we aim our tooling suite to first and foremost help solve the problem of the multiplicity of BPM formats and representations.

More precisely, here at Open Wide we're currently reviewing an array of options in order to add to our current solution additional BPM format mappings (like XPDL, BPEL) and representation (like BPMN or a subset). Our choices and their architecture will be done before the summer ends (actually it is in synch with the timeline of the friend SCOrWare project), once scheduled studies will have been finished, and will be implemented starting then. We've already got resources and funding for these goals.

For example, we've taken a look at the STP BPMN project, and it would be stupid not to include it among our options. However, since we aim at having a complete solution, it isn't the only parameter, meaning the runtime features will still depends on how its produced BPMN is mapped to an execution language and on a chosen engine's features.

On our side, we'd like to have better knowledge of the BPMN to BPEL generation capabilities within STP. Integration with BPEL2Java though isn't likely to be an option, since we focus on a runtime model rather than a code generation paradigm.

What JWT currently provides : a complete workflow solution including a EMF / GEF based modeler and a jBPM based simulator. Well, beyond this bare depiction, there is a lot more, including Bull's work on XPDL and our interest for jBoss and Bull's recent Process Virtual Machine initiative.

So for more details I think a conference call will be in order  :)

Wow - that's a lot of material, Marc, I think we should definitely think about a conference call! I do know that there are a number of other organizations that
are very interested the BPMN modeler, having XPDL and jBPM tools, etc,
and I would be very keen to get all of you together to talk about what efforts
are going on and how we could pool knowledge and attempt to minimize
duplication. Would you be interested?  If we have enough material, and I
think we might, we could think about hosting a face to face.

 best regards

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Registered Number: 171387
Registered Address: The IONA Building, Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4, Ireland

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