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Re: [jetty-users] SolrJ/Solr: HTTP protocol violation: Authentication challenge without WWW-Authenticate header

Minimal relevant experience here, but lots of debugging, and since you're stuck:

Is this failing only on the last request of a series of any length? 



On 2023-05-31 01:40, Shawn Heisey wrote:

On 5/30/23 21:51, Shawn Heisey wrote:
So I am using http/1.1 in conjunction with that correct option.  Bonus ... the indexing is happening faster than before, because Solr doesn't ever need to forward requests to another server.  I should find out in the next hour or so whether it actually helped.

Nope, that didn't do it either.  It still exploded after doing thousands of requests with no problem.

I am starting to suspect that Jetty 9.4.48 just isn't stable enough.  Or maybe there are issues using the Jetty 10 client talking to a Jetty 9 server.

I am completely out of ideas.

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