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[jetty-users] SolrJ/Solr: HTTP protocol violation: Authentication challenge without WWW-Authenticate header

I have a program written using SolrJ 9.2.1 talking to Solr 9.1.1 servers.

SolrJ 9.2.1 includes Jetty client 10.0.13. Solr 9.1.1 includes Jetty (both server and client) 9.4.48.

Here is stacktrace info:

The Solr client is configured with basic auth credentials that it passes to the Jetty client.

I tried another run where I had forced the Jetty components to 10.0.15 instead of 10.0.13 with my build.gradle, and the behavior did not change.

Before throwing this exception, the program makes over 25000 successful requests, indexing over 25 million total docs into Solr.

This looks like some kind of concurrency problem breaking basic auth, and I think it's more likely on the server side than the client, but I can't assume that's the problem without more info, and I don't know what info to gather.

Does anyone here have any idea what might be going wrong here and how I might fix it?

If the customer here were to upgrade their Solr servers to 9.2.1, then the servers would be using Jetty 10.0.13. How likely is that to fix the problem? I'm trying to get that upgrade done, but I am encountering resistance.

Solr logs are not providing anything useful.


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