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[jetty-users] WebSockets JSR 356, war files and Embedded Jetty


I have been trying to load (into Jetty Embedded) the simple Echo example as presented by Danny Coward in the first chapter of his book Java WebSocket Programming (Oracle Press). His program is a variant of the standard echo example presented on the Tyrus site also. I use Eclipse Neon. I am not using Jetty WebSockets, rather I am using the Java JSR 356 WebSockets implementation. Also, I have no trouble with the embedded Jetty WebSockets examples, but I am trying to load a war file.

The program Danny presents works fine on current Tomcat, and as a war file, it also works fine on a standalone current Jetty. My problem is I am unable to take the exact same WebSockets war file that works OK on standalone Jetty and load it successfully into the Embedded Jetty. I do not know where to look, or what to do. Is it a setting problem? Or a Thread problem? Or ... If someone can point me in the right direction I would be thankful.


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