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[jetty-users] jetty-http-spi-xxx.jar


On our web server we have got an Endpoint and a ServletContextHandler
running on the same port.
To get this running (without port binding error) I found next thread:

The solution is, use next code:
_JettyServer = new Server( new DelegatingThreadPool( new QueuedThreadPool()
) );
System.setProperty( "",
JettyHttpServerProvider.class.getName() );
JettyHttpServerProvider.setServer( _JettyServer );

This requires use: jetty-http-spi-xxx.jar 

Now I get the jar somewhere from the internet. Not from the jetty download
page. Why don't you publish this jar in the download? 

Where can I find the latest version of the jetty-http-spi-xxx.jar?



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