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  • [jetty-users] jetty 9.2.19 - Not accepting SSL connections after startup, _klk_
  • [jetty-users] jetty 9.4.6 - getting null servletcontext in servlets, Raghavan, Aravind
  • [jetty-users] Session timeout, John English
  • [jetty-users] Stream closed warning for JSP files, only when accessing from IE, Pankaj K Garg
  • [jetty-users] RewriteRegexRule /([0-9]+)$ to /player-$1 does not work, returns 404, Alexander Farber
  • [jetty-users] Where configure startup timeout, Raffaele Gambelli
  • [jetty-users], LOG.warn() not visible in log files, Alexander Farber
  • [jetty-users] Multiple Security Handler's, sorabh hamirwasia
  • [jetty-users] Why main function takes username, but use it as salt?, Alvin Lin
  • [jetty-users] Unable to set friendly "from" name in mail.from property in jndi session configured in jetty, Raffaele Gambelli
  • [jetty-users] Jersey war file in embedded Jetty, goffredo
  • [jetty-users] Way to start Jetty without requiring internet connection, John Carrieri
  • [jetty-users] Running Drools Workbench on Embedded Jetty server., Ambarish Pande
  • [jetty-users] Keep-alive config, anurag gupta
  • [jetty-users] How to use a login form with Jetty 9?, Serge Weinstock
  • [jetty-users] I've just added authentication to my embedded jetty 9 web server. I'm using the JDBCLoginService and everything works fine. I now want to add a login page. But I can’t get it working: when the FormAuthenticator.validate() method is called, it's trying to get an HTTPsession and none is found. I've been trying to create Sessions but I've been unable to find the correct API. Can someone give me an example? This is my code: // the file server part ResourceHandler resource_handler = new ResourceHandler(); resource_handler.setDirectoriesListed(false); resource_handler.setResourceBase("www"); resource_handler.setDirectoriesListed(false); resource_handler.setWelcomeFiles(new String[]{ "html/dashboard.html" }); // the JSP part WebAppContext webAppContext = new WebAppContext(); webAppContext.setResourceBase("www"); webAppContext.setInitParameter("dirAllowed", "false"); webAppContext.addServlet(new ServletHolder(new QueryGlobals()), "/queries/globals"); webAppContext.addServlet(ne, Serge Weinstock
  • [jetty-users] keep alive configuration, anurag gupta
  • [jetty-users] Leaked EndPoint objects in AbstractConnector._endpoints due to ManagedSelector.destroyEndPoint task rejected by QueuedTheadPool, Julien Moumne
  • [jetty-users] Fwd: occasional earlyEOF exceptions, Bert Robben
  • [jetty-users] Jetty Keep-Alive config, anurag gupta
  • [jetty-users] How do I configure keep-alive in jetty, anurag gupta
  • [jetty-users] Need help with finding logs when Jetty killed, p-naitou
  • [jetty-users] Async servlet writes, Sachin Kale
  • [jetty-users] Jetty Continuations for SOAP Services, Sounak
  • [jetty-users] Jetty Continuations fro SOAP Calls, Sounak
  • [jetty-users] Embedded Jetty with Default and Per-App Web Descriptors, Igal @
  • [jetty-users] Register ServletRequestListener from OSGi Bundle, Igal @
  • [jetty-users] How to access ServletContext from WebSocketListener?, Alexander Farber
  • [jetty-users] Possible bug with WebSocket in BatchMode.ON and flush, Erel Uziel

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