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Re: [jetty-dev] WTP plugin not copying everything to webapp?

hm, windows

Any chance you can try your setup on a linux or macosx box?  Windows
is notoriously difficult to debug issues on and it would help to know
if this is a windows only issue or if its systemic to the plugin.


jesse mcconnell

On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 02:20, Jules <jules-techml@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm just experimenting with the new WTP plugin (I've been using the old one
> for Jetty 6 so far, but would like to upgrade to Jetty 7), but don't seem to
> be able to get it to work.  This is possibly caused by the slightly
> convoluted project structure I'm using: I have a dynamic web project that
> depends on 3 other projects, each of which exports dependencies to the web
> project.  It worked with the old Jetty 6 plugin, though, so I see no reason
> it shouldn't work with the new one.
> The behaviour of the plugin so far has been a little strange, and it all
> seems to be down to different things being copied to the wtpwebapps
> directory each time I deploy.  The first time I deployed the app, it mostly
> worked, but some of the dependencies were missing.  I stopped the server,
> undeployed, and redeployed.  This time, my web.xml wasn't copied, and
> neither was any of my JSP content.  Trying the process again, and examining
> the wtpwebapps directory, I noticed that not everything was deleted when I
> undeployed, so I renamed the directory the app was being deployed in and
> tried again.  This time, like the first, not all my dependencies were
> deployed: I got the jar files for the 3 projects, plus the first jar file
> from the first library in the "Libraries" list of the dynamic project, but
> nothing else was deployed at all: no web.xml, no classes, no JSP files.
> Anyone got any idea what might be going wrong?  There are no messages in the
> error log (except from an occasion when I tried to undeploy without stopping
> the server, and it was unable to delete files because the server had them
> locked).
> Software versions:
> Helios SR1 (20100917-0705)
> WTP/Java EE 3.2.2 (20100915173744)
> Jetty WTP Adaptor
> Jetty 7.2.1.v20101111
> Windows XP Professional SP3
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