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[jetty-dev] WTP plugin not copying everything to webapp?


I'm just experimenting with the new WTP plugin (I've been using the old one for Jetty 6 so far, but would like to upgrade to Jetty 7), but don't seem to be able to get it to work. This is possibly caused by the slightly convoluted project structure I'm using: I have a dynamic web project that depends on 3 other projects, each of which exports dependencies to the web project. It worked with the old Jetty 6 plugin, though, so I see no reason it shouldn't work with the new one.

The behaviour of the plugin so far has been a little strange, and it all seems to be down to different things being copied to the wtpwebapps directory each time I deploy. The first time I deployed the app, it mostly worked, but some of the dependencies were missing. I stopped the server, undeployed, and redeployed. This time, my web.xml wasn't copied, and neither was any of my JSP content. Trying the process again, and examining the wtpwebapps directory, I noticed that not everything was deleted when I undeployed, so I renamed the directory the app was being deployed in and tried again. This time, like the first, not all my dependencies were deployed: I got the jar files for the 3 projects, plus the first jar file from the first library in the "Libraries" list of the dynamic project, but nothing else was deployed at all: no web.xml, no classes, no JSP files.

Anyone got any idea what might be going wrong? There are no messages in the error log (except from an occasion when I tried to undeploy without stopping the server, and it was unable to delete files because the server had them locked).

Software versions:

Helios SR1 (20100917-0705)
WTP/Java EE 3.2.2 (20100915173744)
Jetty WTP Adaptor
Jetty 7.2.1.v20101111
Windows XP Professional SP3

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