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Re: [jetty-dev] Jsp 2.2 and Jetty 8


that's great - thanks for doing that!

The other jar we will need to find the sources for is the
servlet 3.0 jar. There was at least 1 bug in the servlet 3.0
jar that sun had put onto the repo, and I'm not sure
if they've fixed it yet or not.

They appear to be up to rev 3.1.b33 now, and at least the
srcs are published along with the jar:

Let me try out that jar in jetty-hightide 8 and see if its ok,
If so, we should submit that one to the CQ process too.


On 21/12/10 02:03, Hugues Malphettes wrote:
Cheers Jesse and thanks for finding the sources.
I'll package them in eclipse-orbit as soon as the CQs go through.

On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 6:22 AM, Jesse McConnell
<jesse.mcconnell@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:jesse.mcconnell@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Wanted to let folks know that in anticipation of getting jetty8 out of
    the milestones and into the release candidates we have logged the CQ's
    for jsp 2.2 support.

    For those with access to ipzilla you can follow their windy process
    through the CQ system as #'s 4710 and 4711.

    I am not sure how long these will take to get through the process but
    once they are we'll start looking hard at getting RC's of jetty 8 out
    the door and getting a release review scheduled for jetty8.

    in the meantime I have updated the hightide release for jetty8 at
    codehaus to leverage these jsp versions anyone is interested in
    testing them out.

    cheers folks!


    jesse mcconnell
    jesse.mcconnell@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:jesse.mcconnell@xxxxxxxxx>
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