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Re: [jetty-dev] Fixing our TERRIBLE eclipse oriented build

Yes, I see the problem.
There is another problem: classpath of jetty distribution is different from classpath of maven jetty:run. JSP application developed with jetty:run maven plugin might break if it was deployed to jetty distribution because of different jsp compiler version.

On 08/07/2010 01:13 AM, Jesse McConnell wrote:
> So its clear, for the portions of jetty that distribute from eclipse
> we MUST contain only bits that have downloaded from an
> site so while we build off of maven central the distributions we
> create have to pull down jar files from sites and those
> jar's have to be signed by the eclipse foundation private key...
> the two modules in question that interact with the eclipse and orbit
> p2 repos are the fragile parts of the build
> cheers,
> jesse
> --
> jesse mcconnell
> jesse.mcconnell@xxxxxxxxx
> On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 16:10, Jesse McConnell <jesse.mcconnell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> we can not create a distribution based on the contents of maven
>> central, we have to pull eclipse signed and packed artifacts from
>> orbit...
>> and we can't hack together a maven repo with these contents in our
>> download section on because then we would need
>> <repository> tag in our pom.xml and we are not allowed to push those
>> back into maven central since it is bad form...
>> the problem is that for jetty-distribution and the test-jetty-osgi
>> builds we need to pull artifacts from orbit and from eclipse p2 repos
>> and these repo's are not durable, they change due to eclipse retention
>> policy
>> jesse
>> --
>> jesse mcconnell
>> jesse.mcconnell@xxxxxxxxx
>> On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 16:06, mabrek <mabrek@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> On 08/06/2010 07:25 PM, Jesse McConnell wrote:
>>>> we still need to use this ant goop to build since we can't release
>>>> with external maven repositories but this way we will at least have
>>>> reproducible builds for longer then a week based on a tag
>>> What do you mean by "we can't release with external maven repositories"?
>>> I successfully tried to build 7.1.6 tag using maven repositories only, see attached patch. It needs more work to cleanup osgi submodule from manual downloading, because I simply commented it out in root pom.xml.
>>> Regards,
>>> Anton Lebedevich
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