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[jetty-dev] Fixing our TERRIBLE eclipse oriented build

This is just flat out ridiculous how our build has degraded to this point.

IMO we can not release AT ALL based on eclipse repositories in our
build to obtain artifacts.  They are far far too transitory with their
retention policy and it absolutely devastates our build
reproducibility...less then a week or two after one of our releases we
can't build the tag without making adjustments to the ant download
portions of the build.

I am open to suggestions on ways to deal with this...and ideally
eclipse will someday grow up and have a proper artifact repository
that is durable but until then I propose we do the following.

* pull every artifact that we rely upon out of orbit and put it into
our site

we still need to use this ant goop to build since we can't release
with external maven repositories but this way we will at least have
reproducible builds for longer then a week based on a tag

I'll hold off on making this change to solicit feedback...for a little while...


jesse mcconnell

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