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  • [jca-dev] Calling attention for repo move, arjan tijms
  • [jca-dev] Draft PR for Jakarta EE 10, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] 2.1.0-RC1 Staged, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] EE10 status, Scott Stark
  • [jca-dev] Migrating repos to, David Blevins
  • [jca-dev] Do you plan to move your TCK tests out of the Platform TCK project for Jakarta EE 10+?, Scott Marlow
  • [jca-dev] Jakarta EE 10 for Connectors, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] Help please -- Concurrency and Connector TCK test issue, Ed Bratt
  • Re: [jca-dev] Connector TCK test deployment failures after updating from connector_1_0.dtd to connector_2_0.xsd, Scott Marlow
  • [jca-dev] Review of PR please, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] Merge 2.0.0 branch to master, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] RC in mavens central, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] 1.7.4 released to maven central, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] GlassFish 5.1 certification request, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] Need rapid PR review, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] JCA api now passes the TCK, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] Scope statement for Jakarta Connector Architecture porject, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] Name Vote outcome, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] Name Vote, James Stephens
  • [jca-dev] Name Vote, Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • [jca-dev] About to release JCA 1.7.2, arjan tijms
  • [jca-dev] Jakarta EE Community Interview for CodeOne/EclipseCon, David Blevins
  • Welcome to jca-dev, portal on behalf of emo

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