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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] EJB feature removal, EFSP no longer refers to optional requirements

> I personally would only support that if vendors stopped shipping these APIs (EntityBeans, EJB 2.x interfaces, Embedded EJB Container, MDBs, Persistent Timers).  It doesn't seem where near that yet.

First, I would point out that MDBs and Persistent Timers are not optional.  The Jakarta Enterprise Beans specification section 15.1 indicates lists them as "Required".  They are optional only for vendors that provide WebProfile only, as they are not part of the EJB Lite requirement.  They are still required for the Full Platform profile.

While EJB 2.x APIs are optional, I agree where are not yet to the point where these should be removed.  Many applications remain that use these, and they are sufficiently similar to the EJB 3.x APIs that it does not seem to be a significant burden for a vendor to implement these.

For the remaining 2 (Entity Beans and Embedded EJB Container), I agree that the APIs for these should be removed from the EJB API jars, and no vendor should be allowed to ship them (i.e., jakarta.ejb.EntityBean, jakarta.ejb.embedded.EJBContainer, etc.).  However, since the EJB specification was not updated for Jakarta EE 10, it is not really possible to remove the APIs at this time.

The question becomes, what advantage is there to remove these optional features from the Jakarta EE 10 Platform specification if the APIs still exist in the platform?  There is already no requirement for any vendor to implement them.  And, since the APIs will remain, there doesn't seem to be a way to prevent a vendor from implementing them.

Tracy Burroughs  (tkb@xxxxxxxxxx)
WebSphere Application Server Development
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