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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] EJB feature removal, EFSP no longer refers to optional requirements

> On Jun 14, 2022, at 12:17 PM, Tracy Burroughs <tkb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Does this mean the Platform TCK would need to be updated to remove the use of “EJB Entity beans” and the “Embeddable EJB Container”?
> I believe the Platform TCK contains some tests that have been made optional because they contain EJB Entity beans, despite also covering other aspects of EJB that are not optional.  I think the effort to separate them was considered too great to make it worthwhile.  If the EJB Entity aspects could just be completely removed, then what remains would no longer need to be optional.
> This seems good for the platform but does have the side effect that there will no longer be any tests for these optional parts of the EJB specification, since the EJB specification does not have a separate TCK.

Agree with this concern.  As you note, a considerable number of EJB tests are optional (over 50%), however they are still required if you do implement the related APIs (EntityBeans, EJB 2.x interfaces, Embedded EJB Container, MDBs, Persistent Timers).

As far as I can see, in practice the majority of implementations are still implementing and shipping these APIs and would need to run/pass these tests.

We would need these tests to exist somewhere.

> If the EJB specification and API could be updated for Jakarta EE 11 to also remove these optional features, then the problem will be short lived.

I personally would only support that if vendors stopped shipping these APIs (EntityBeans, EJB 2.x interfaces, Embedded EJB Container, MDBs, Persistent Timers).  It doesn't seem where near that yet.


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