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  • Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] [servlet-dev] Pruning managed beans from the component specs, (continued)
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] Core profile - Normalize dependencies in Web Profile - kickoff discussion, lenny
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] platform-685: Wave discussion, Arjan Tijms
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] More API housekeeping tasks, lenny
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] Empty Umbrella JARs kickoff discussion, lenny
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] PMC Approval required for Committer Election for Arjan Tijms on Jakarta EE Platform, emo
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] Committer Election for Arjan Tijms on Jakarta EE Platform™ has started, emo
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] Sync up on EE 11 development schedule, spec ballot completion of non-platform spec + platform spec..., Scott Marlow
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] Committer Election for Emily Jiang on Jakarta EE Platform™ has started, emo
  • Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Jakarta Security and MicroProfile JWT interlock call, Emily Jiang
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] Prefixing spec project names on Eclipse infra with "jakarta-", Arjan Tijms
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] Help needed for performing service releases of Jakarta Faces and Jakarta Security TCKs, Emily Jiang
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] Resolution on optional features, Scott Stark
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] Update FirstCup Tutorial to use Starter, hantsy bai
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] Platform Call today (Feb 21), Ivar Grimstad
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] about Virtual Threads in Jakarta EE 11, ma zhen
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] CDI certification requirements for Jakarta EE 10, Jean-Louis Monteiro
  • Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Today's Monthly Architecture call, Ed Bratt
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] CCR - Open compatibility certification request, Tanja Obradovic
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] Clarification on versioning and what it means for breaking changes, Manfred Riem
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] Specification backward compatibility requirements, Mark Struberg
  • [jakartaee-platform-dev] EE 11 Lead Survey -- Please review and comment, Ed Bratt
  • Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Service Release for 8.0.1?, Scott Kurz

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