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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] : Re: Pushing RCx or Mx to maven central

I'm unsure I understand the implications of what you state Mike.  For a specification to go final it needs at least one compatible implementation is required.  For an implementation to claim it is compatible it needs to pass with the final released TCK.  There is an obvious chicken and egg issue with that statement.  In another specification working group I am involved in we worked with the Eclipse Foundation to come up with these steps that we thought worked through the chicken and egg issue:
1) WG publishes RC versions of the API to maven central
2) Implementations build based of the RC versions APIs in maven central
3) Implementation publishes their RC impl to maven central
4) WG submits ballot that points to one or more compatible implementations in maven central that pass the final TCK
5) WG submits final APIs to maven central after final release is done
6) Implementation projects build off final APIs and release final implementations at their leisure.
Is that a legitimate flow for getting a specification release done?  I'm more asking that for my own information than trying to force this flow on the Jakarta WG.

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On 2022-01-13 11:35 a.m., Nathan Rauh wrote:
I hope you are not suggesting that compatible implementations certify on a forked copy of the API rather than the official Release Candidate or Milestone artifact.  That does not sound like a legitimate certification.

At the risk of stating the obvious, even an "official Release Candidate or Milestone" does not provide a "legitimate certification". Compatibility claims can only be made based on released binaries under the Eclipse Foundation TCK License.

Of course we all hope that much testing happens using release candidates and milestones :)


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