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[jakartaee-platform-dev] How should Platform SPEC level requirements be covered by new (SPEC API) TCKs?


There really wasn't enough time in the call today to discuss the possibility of having SPEC API level TCKs and how the Platform SPEC requirements would be covered.  We have already had some discussion just not on this mailing list yet.  I would like to answer how we will identify the Platform SPEC level requirements that SPEC API level TCKs must meet.

More details from past discussions over the past few years:

From April 2019, we have jakartaee-tck/issues/51 `Turning Platform TCK into a multi-dependency Maven project` [1]2.  From a weeks ago, we have jaxrs-api/issues/924 `TCK: Extend existing TCK or start our own one` [2] which has a few different options mentioned.  The follow up discussion is on the Platform TCK mailing list [2].  Of note is Bill Shannon's response [3] about which tests should remain in the Platform TCK (CTS) and which tests should move to the SPEC API project.   This was the first general discussion thread that we had regarding [1].

More recently, jaxrs-api/issues/924 was opened to answer `TCK: Extend existing TCK or start our own one?` which has a different opinions states but one comment was that jaxrs-api team already started adding SPEC API (tck) tests.  Other SPEC API projects have done the same (e.g. see jsonp tck folder [5]) or are looking to discuss how they will soon add TCK tests). 

Of note are a few Servlet TCK conversations, [6] started in Sept 2020 on the servlet-dev ml and continued on the spec-project-leads ml [7] in Oct 2020.  Also Faces [8] has a discussion started as well. 

Batch opened Platform TCK issues/574 [9] to improve how the Batch TCK tests are maintained which references the [10] conversation about using Arquillian in the Batch TCK.

IMO, regardless of how we decide to maintain the internals of the various TCKs, it would be good to identify what exactly the Platform SPEC requirements are now and in the future that at a minimum are required as requested by [11].













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